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Low Energy X-Ray Inspection System Machine

Low Energy X-ray  Inspection System 


Advance Technology


Low Energy X-Ray Inspection System

รุ่น FA-XIS


MAGTEC Low-energy type X-ray Machine detects all types of metal (i.e. stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous), bone, glass or dense plastics and can be used for basic product integrity tests (i.e. missing items, object checking, fill level). It is especially good at inspecting products packaged in foil or heavy metallized film packaging and overcoming the problems with Ferrous in Foil metal detectors, makes it an ideal replacement for poorly performing metal detectors.

Product Highlights

1.Ideal Replacement for Poorly Performing Metal Detectors

2.Designed for New Users of X-ray

3.Lowest Cost of Ownership

4.Easy operation with autocalibration and clearly arranged functions on 17“ touchscreen

5.Fanchi advanced software for instant analysis and detection with high accuracy and reliability

6.A simplified yet powerful inspection feature set, plug and play installation and software

7.Real time detection with coloured contamination analysis

8.Functions for masking of product parts for better detection of contamination

9.Autosaving of inspection data with time and date stamp

10.User-friendly operation in daily business with 200 pre-set products

11.USB and Ethernet for data transfer

12.24 hours non-stop operation

13.Built-in remote maintenance and service by Fanchi engineer

14.CE approval

Key Components

● US VJT X-ray Generator

● Finnish DT X-ray Detector/Receiver

● Danish Danfoss frequency converter

● German Pfannenberg industrial air conditioner

● French Schneider electric unit

● US Interoll electric roller conveying system

● Taiwanese Advantech industrial computer and IEI touch screen


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