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Multi Sorting Checkweigher 

Multi Sorting Checkweigher


Advance Technology


รุ่น FA-MCW

Introduction & Application

FA-MCW series Multi-sorting Checkweigher has been widely applied in fish and shrimp and a variety of fresh seafood, poultry meat processing, automotive hydraulic attachments classification, the daily necessities weight sorting packing industries, etc. With a Fanchi-tech multi-sorting checkweigher customized to your specifications, you can depend on accurate weight control, maximized efficiency, and consistent product throughput, even in rugged industrial environments.

Product Highlights

1.Accurate and efficient rejection system.

2.Switch Products in Seconds with a Library of Stored Products up to 100.

3.Multilevel password protection for secure access and traceability.

4.Extensive data logging and reporting via USB or ethernet for HACCP and retail compliance.

5.Automatic mean weight correction to help meet weight legislation.

6.Ultra-fast dynamic weight tracking and automatic compensation technology effectively Improve the detection of stability.

7.Brushless motors & proven conveyor components designed for reliable 24/7 operation.

8.For dynamic weighing of large end-of-line packaged goods including convenience foods, sachets and ready meals.

Key Components

● German HBM high speed load cell

● Japanese Oriental motor

● Danish Danfoss frequency converter

● Japanese Omron Optic sensors

● French Schneider Electric Unit

● US Gates synchronous belt

● Japanese SMC pneumatic unit

● Weinview industrial touch screen


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