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Low Energy X-Ray Inspection System Machine

รุ่น FA-XIS


It is designed to be integrated into line with optional reject stations, the Magtec Bulk Flow X-ray is perfect for loose and free flowing products, such as Dried Foods, Cereals & Grains Fruit, Vegetables & Nuts Other / General Industries.

The system, which is available with multiple reject options including 64-channel air blasting and multiflap, is capable of offering excellent detection of a wide range of contaminants including all metals, bone, glass, stone and dense plastics, etc.

Product Highlights

1.X-ray system designed for inspection of loose, unpackaged free-flowing product such as nuts, dried fruit, lentils, pulses, poultry and meat

2.Auto parameter setting by intelligent product learning

3.Excellent detection of all metals, bone, glass and dense plastics

4.Built for 24/7 operation with pass key Protective Set-up for added security and control

5.Reject options include Single Flap, Dual Flap, Multi-Flap (4) or 64 channel air blasting rejector

6.Quick release conveyor belt for easy cleaning and maintenance

7.Real time detection with colored contamination analysis

8.Auto-storing of inspection data with time and date stamp

9.User-friendly menus for easy operation

10.USB and Ethernet ports available

11.Built-in remote maintenance and service by Fanchi engineer

12.CE approval

Key Components

● US VJT X-ray Generator

● Finnish DT X-ray Detector/Receiver

● Danish Danfoss frequency converter

● German Pfannenberg industrial air conditioner

● French Schneider electric unit

● US Interoll electric roller conveying system

● Taiwanese Advantech industrial computer and IEI touch screen


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